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NTL tyres have access to all major brands and sizes, please contact us if you dont see your requirements below.

Prices may vary due to the current Australian Dollar value.

Mulitple buy discounts may apply, Stock subject to prior sale


2 x Certified 49” x  rims for a Cat 777, $3,500 + GST

2 x Certified 57” x 29.00 rims for a 830E, $5,500 + GST



****NEW ****Earth mover Tyres:

QTY Size Brand  Tread   Price AUD
4 385/95R24 Bridgestone  VHS (14.00R24)   $900
2 385/95R25 Bridgestone  (14.00R25)    $1,000
1 440/80R24 Michelin XML    $1,200
4 12.00R20 Bridgestone SMO L5 ***   $1,100
2 16.00-25 Advance 32PR E/L3   $1,200
6 16.00-25 Bridgestone 32PR RLUG IND   $1,400
1 18.00R25 Michelin  XZM2 IND   $1,800
4 23.5R25 Bridgestone VJT L3  Take Offs $2,000
2 23.5R25 Yokohama  RB31 E3   $2,250
1 26.5R25 Michelin Xmine L5   $2,800
4 29.5R25 Triangle  TB516 L3 T1 Take offs $2,950
2 29.5R25 BKT SR30 E/L3   $3,750
2 29.5-29 Yokohama  28PR Y67 E3   $5,300
2 29.5-35 Yokohama  38PR Y67 E3   $7,600
2 33.25-29 Yokohama  32PR Y67 E3   $6,950
1 18.00-33 Hankook HRL 32PR  Take Off $1,800
2 35/65-33 Yokohama  Y524 42PR L5   $9,900
2 37.25R35 Bridgestone VRL E3   $13,400
2 45/65R45 Bridgestone  VSDL L5   $25,500
2 45/65R45 Michelin XLDD2 L5   $32,500
2 45/65-45 Yokohama  58PR Y524 L5   $19,500
2 45/65-45 Yokohama  58PR Y545 L4 Cosmetic Scratches $13,800
4 27.00R49 Bridgestone VREP E2A E4   $12,750
2 27.00R49 Bridgestone VRLSA E2A E4   $12,750
6 37.00R57 Michelin XDR2 B4 No Serials $34,500
6 37.00R57 Michelin  XDR2 C4 2013 $45,000
18 40.00-57 Belshina  FT116 68PR E4 2012 $8,000
11 46/90-57 Belshina  FT116 68PR E3 2011 $9,000
6 55/80R57 Michelin Xmine L5   $56,000
  Second Hand Tyres        
2 55/80R57 Michelin Xmine L5 85% Cosmetic Repairs $20,000
4 40.00R57 Michelin XDR2 B4 80% + Clean $25,000
3 37.00R57 Michelin XDR B 60-80% Spot reapirs $8,500
1 37.00R57 Bridgestone  VRLSA E3A E4 80%+ Small Bead repair $12,500
4 37.00R57 Goodyear  RL4H 2H  50-70% Spot repairs $6,500
6 27.00R49 BST/GYR/Michelin   Spot repair TBA
1 26.5R25 BKT SR30 E/L3    90% Clean $1,600
1 23.5R25 Goodyear  RL4H 2H  98% Clean $1,500

 We have numerous truck and industruial tyres, please phone us for a quote.



9.5R17.5 TOYO M143 L/TRUCK

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Contact Us

NTL Tyres looks forward to being of assistance to your business through provision of our tyre sourcing, specialist services, on site earthmover tyre repairs and consultancy activities.

Please contact us for further details or provision of a comprehensive quotation.


NTL Tyres PTY LTD, ABN 38 615 685 008

Postal Address: PO Box 1288 Maroochydore QLD 4558 Australia 4558

Lot 2, 7067 Bruce Highway, Road, Chevallum QLD 4555 

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Craig Hooper

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

0438 566 105

Sales Director

Ray Coffin

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

0427 435 533

Sales Manager


Allen Hooper

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

0400 406 109

Sales Manager





NTL Tyres offers tyre repair services in various locations around Australia to
our Earthmoving and Truck tyre customers. Repairs are carried out to 
Australian Industry standards and can save considerable costs by extending the life
of your tyres.
With a wealth of knowledge related to tyre design, construction and
operatations, we are happy to inspect your tyres stocks and offer
advice and quotation on the suitability for repairs.
If you require any repairs, advice or stock inspections please contact us
NTL covers the following:
  • Tyre Repair
  • On Site Tyre Inspection
  • Service Fitting
Toyo Tires
Rema TipTop
Continental Tire

Truck & Bus

Allen Hooper: 0400 406 109 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The most overlooked variable in tyres…Relationships
The large tyre discounters who trade off the lowest price have lost the most important variable, Relationships. At NTL Tyres we believe in building a long and lasting relationship with you, your vehicles and your business. Over your lifetime you will need to buy many tyres and associated products so you really need to have a trusted partner in your success and safety.

We have had a long term business relationship with many of our clients and strive to support them as we move into the future!

Whatever the tyre brand, Whatever the vehicle…
NTL Tyres has good working relationships with many major and
secondary manufacturers/suppliers of the worlds best tyres,
providing us a huge range of product availability in truck,
industrial and earthmover tyres.

These manufacturer relationships, included with a wealth of industry
contacts across the globe, ensures that we can always find a solution
for your tyre sourcing requirements—the ultimate result is that NTL Tyres
keeps your fleet rolling!

We’ll come to you! Our Mobile Service Fitters are on call 5 days a week on the Sunshine Coast and Surrounding Suburbs.

Test Tyre 2

9.5R17.5 TOYO M143 L/TRUCK



NTL Tyres has a range of personnel skilled in tyre service, repair, used tyre
inspection and field engineering with a combined experience of more than 50
years. With this wealth of knowledge related to tyre design, construction and
operation, we can offer services to assist in extracting the best performance
and optimum life out of your tyres.
Tyre Fitting Service
NTL Tyres offers a full range of tyre fitting services for customers across Brisbane,
Sunshine Coast, south east QLD and northern NSW. NTL Tyres is
well placed to meet our customers’ needs.
Toyo Tires
Rema TipTop


Craig Hooper: 0438 566 105

Allen Hooper : 0400 406 109


NTL Tyres has good working relationships with many major and
secondary manufacturers/suppliers of the worlds best tyres,
providing us a huge range of product availability in 4WD, truck,
industrial and earthmover tyres.
These manufacturer relationships, included with a wealth of industry
contacts across the globe, ensures that we can always find a solution
for your tyre sourcing requirements—the ultimate result is that NTL Tyres
keeps your fleet rolling!
Supplier Alliances
NTL Tyres has entered into several supply alliances with major and minor tyre
manufacturers. With these alliances in place, our customers benefit in the
following ways:-
• Supply of quality tyres from several sources
• Field backup from the most technically advanced manufacturers
• Opportunity to evaluate different products without prejudice
• Ability to match products to specific applications

Our Clients

From local businesses to some of Australia’s biggest household names, NTL Tyres has been servicing the very unique needs of domestic and international clients since 2010.

Our Clients include:

  • Road transport fleet operations
  • Earthmoving operators, including mines, large business, small business and quarries
  • Concrete businesses, tree services, landscaping operators, truck licensing and the construction industry
  • Manufacturing and engineering companies.

Who are NTL Tyres?

From our head office situated at Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. NTL Tyres provides tyre sourcing, servicing and consultancy services to owners and operators of all types of specialist equipment.

Our team of experts have extensive hands-on experience in the off the road tyre industry, while our dedicated network of suppliers make us a ‘one stop shop’ for tyre supply and support services. 

We also have easy access to national and international air, land and sea transport routes offering fast response times for the delivery of personnel and equipment to your project, wherever you are in Australia, Asia, the Pacific or around the globe.

Whether you are looking for new or used tyres, rims, consumables or professional tools to get the job done safely, NTL Tyres can meet your needs and your deadlines.

NTL Tyres has an in-depth understanding of the wide variety of rubber tyred equipment operating in the open cut mining, underground mining, quarrying, tunnelling and construction industries globally. With our experience and knowledge we can service -

  • Major earthmoving fleets with huge off-the-road (OTR) tyres
  • Ancillary earthmoving fleets
  • Mining road train configurations

About Us

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Tyre solutions to keep you moving

NTL Tyres is an Australian company offering a full range of tyre solutions including:

Supply, technical support, site auditing, consumables and repairs; regardless of your location

We look forward to being given the opportunity to service your business’s needs.

Location: Our goods and services are offered from our head office on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

We have alliances with national and international air, land and sea logistic companies for all freight requirements.

Our hands on experience with tyres, mobile equipment, their application and operation, plus association with an extensive network of suppliers and providers, means NTL Tyres is your tyre supply and support services specialist.

NTL Tyres offers its assistance and experience in support of:-

  • Major earthmoving fleets with giant off-the-road (OTR) tyres
  • Ancillary earthmoving fleets
  • General Road Transport – Truck and Bus 

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